A Program for Multiple Sequence Alignment by Star Alignment

A Program for Multiple Sequence Alignment by Star Alignment ( Vol-3,Issue-6,November - December 2018 )

Author: Dibyaranjan Samal, Nibedita Sahoo, Meesala Krishna Murthy

eecjournal doi crossrefDOI: 10.22161/eec.3.6.1

Keyword: Star alignment, Multiple Sequence Alignment, Algorithms.

Abstract: Sequence alignment is the process of lining up two or more sequences to achieve maximal label of identity, further purpose of accessing is degree of similarity and the possibility of homology. Comparison of more than two string is known as multiple sequence alignment. Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) is a powerful tool in locating similar patterns in biological (DNA and Protein) sequences. The objective of this application is to develop a Multiple sequence alignment tool using star alignment method. This application / project has been developed using Visual Studio.Net and C# as page language was found to be appropriate for a rich user experience, faster code construction, automatic memory allocation and faster debugging.


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