Green Marketing: A Marketing Mix concept

Green Marketing: A Marketing Mix concept ( Vol-4,Issue-1,January - February 2019 )

Author: Thoria Omer Mahmoud

eecjournal doi crossrefDOI: 10.22161/eec.4.1.3

Keyword: green marketing, environment, marketing mix.

Abstract: This paper tries to provide an overview of green marketing from marketing mix concept. The aim of green marketing is to include environmental issues in the marketing efforts. The idea is that marketers provide consumers with better information about the green properties of the products offered and then they will include this information in their purchasing decisions. This will consequently push companies to produce products that are better from an environmental point of view. Consequently companies have executed various green marketing strategies to meet the demands of environmentally sensible customers as they are very much aware of what they are consuming. Companies that use the extreme green marketing fully incorporate environmental issues and responsibility into their business and address issues related to marketing mix for the environment.


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