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If your paper is accepted for publication in International Journal of Electrical, Electronics, and Computers(EEC Journal), the editor will send you account detail to pay the registration fee. 

Categories Authors from India Authors from other Countries
Academic Faculty/ Others 1000 INR (With Softcopy of Certificates) /
1200 INR (With Hardcopy of Certificates)
60 USD (With Softcopy of Certificates) /  70 USD (With Hardcopy of Certificates)
Students / Research Scholars

Processing Charges includes:
  • Publication of one entire research paper in Online
  • Individual Hard Copy of Certificate to all author of paper
  • Dispatch Charges (Via Speed Post/DHL)
  • Editorial Fee
  • Indexing process
  • Maintenance of Website
  • Link resolvers and journal infrastructures.

For any queries please contact to the editor at : or

Authors from India--(Pay through payumoney):


Authors from outside India--(Pay through paypal ):

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